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tempe barbershop services

Regular Clipper Haircuts & Fades
A precision clipper cut tailored to your specifications, from afro cuts and faux-hawks to tight tapers/fades, even military cuts.
Price:            $20.00
Straight Hair Scissor Cuts
Have longer or straighter hair? Oour experts use mostly scissor techniques to achieve your look and style and finish with a straight razor neck and sideburn shave.
Price:            $20.00
Kid's Hair Cuts
We can't forget about the little man now can we? Bring your boy in for a clean fade or short afro cut for easy maintenance.
Price:            $15.00
Classic Straight Razor Shaves
The Classic Straight Razor Shave starts with steaming towels and pre-shave oils and ends with the hot lather and a close shave with the grain.
Price:            $15.00
Beard Trims & Edging
Now that the right haircut has been done, we can't have the beard and mustached looking scraggly. Let our barbers get that beard and mustache trimmed and edged properly.
Price:            $15.00
Head Shaves
Just like the The Classic Straight Razor Shave for your beard, steaming towels & pre-shave oils will prepare your head for the hot lather and finally the straight razor.
Price:            $15.00
Edge & Shape Ups
Have a special occasion or hot date in between regular cuts? Let us shape those edges up nice and tight so you look your best.
Price:      $10.00    $14.00 w/taper
Custom Designs and Lines
Our experts can hook you up with any signature look you want from with our custom design and lines cut.
Price:            starts at $20.00